Divine Power Meditation Pyramid

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For Body, Mind & Soul


When placed on the head, The Pyramid

  • Accelerates the process of meditation and promotes feeling of calmness and well-being
  • Reduce mental and physical stress and tension
  • Increase memory power, enhances telepathic communication and expends awareness
  • Alleviates headaches, migraines and sinusitis and prevents hair loss and premature greying

When placed in a corner of the room or on a table, The Pyramid

  • Eliminated discord and created harmony in the home and workplace, thus imporving the environment
  • Removes stale energy and installs fresh, rejuvenating energies

When places under, The Pyramid

  • Affirmations written on a paper are greatly empowered
  • Medicines receive an additional boost
  • Water is highly energized : this water can improve health when consumed, and eliminate skin problem and enhance facial beauty when used as a clensing agent
  • In addition, the Pyramid heals pain, cuts and wounds in any part of the body

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