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Everything is connected to everything.  The simple magical quote that explains God, Gurus & Mahans are watching us incessantly from all the dimensions. Always accept that each human being is unique and always be grateful, be humble as well.  Fear, tear, trouble, pain, discourage are due to lack of understanding about our life.  Undeniable truth of life is if god, gurus and mahans have decided to help us by any circumstances no one can stop it. Instead of hiding from troubles, it is better to fill our mind with right thoughts. 

Universal solution for our helpless condition is to lift up your hands completely to god, gurus and mahans and we may experience the miracle. None of us know everything, understand that we know just a little and solutions for our troubles are somewhere.  Let us seek help from the great nature, the powerful universal, the immeasurable cosmic, our divine guru and mahan. Surrender your problems, have faith and the solution will appear, allow the answer to become visible.    
Healing is an energy altering process to take us back to our previous condition of health, physically, mentally or spiritually. Dealing with the energy world to heal and help others is the aim of this site. In our life journey, along the way we need physical power, mental power, spiritual power and also cosmic power. Negative energy and blocked can be transformed with the help of divine healing energy.


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