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About Master

About Master

About Master

Professor Dr. Kader Ibrahim is the only Malaysian to hold a Ph.D. degree in Nutrition, Psychology and Para Psychology. He also has the distinction of being the first Malaysian to introduce subjects such as Brain Engineering, Telepathy. Color Therapy, and Spiritual Aura in the Tamil language, and conduct regular courses in these fields. He is a profile writer, and has thus far produced more than 20 books on psychology, health and mind power, both in Tamil and in English. It is worth noting that he was won gold medals for his publications on health and mental power from international universities. His first publication, entitled “Success is in Your Hands”, was one of the largest selling books in Malaysia. Currently, Dr.Kader conducts courses,...

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  1. Emotional intelligence
  2. Importance of Dharmam
  3. Thirukural

Upcoming Events

Sun Oct 12 @12:00AM
Workshop - Singapore
Tue Oct 14 @12:00AM
Workshop - Seremban
Wed Oct 15 @12:00AM
Money Mandala & Energy Pendant Talk - KL
Mon Oct 27 @12:00AM
Money Mandala & Energy Pendant Talk - Butterworth
Tue Oct 28 @12:00AM
Money Mandala & Energy Pendant Talk - Ipoh
Wed Oct 29 @12:00AM
Guru - KL

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